Please email us your adoption application to receive approval and price.

Lollipop Pomsky adoption application














1.       Do you own your home? If no, please attach  letter of consent from your landlord.


2.       Will your puppy be an inside or outside dog?


3.       Do you have a fenced yard?


4.       How long will your puppy be alone each day, and how will you keep your puppy safe while you are away from home or traveling?




5.       Do you own other pets? Please list them below.


6.       Do you want to breed your puppy? If so, why and what are your goals for the breed?


7.       Do you plan to attend professional training classes with your puppy?


8.       Do you have experience with the breed(s), and why did you choose the Pomsky breed?




9.       Have you even surrendered and animal to a shelter or rescue? If yes, why?






Please feel free to attach pages if you don't have enough room. Please also include puppy preferences such as sex, color, and eye color.




Once approved you may place a deposit to hold your place. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.