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How big do Pomskies get?

Pomskies can vary in size greatly. First generation Pomskies are typically 15-25 pounds. You can find smaller or larger Pomskies from Multi-generation breedings. We have Pomskies that range from 7-40 pounds as adults.

What is F1, F1b, F2 ect?

This stands for what generation the puppy is.

F1- One parent is a purebred Siberian Husky and one Parent is a purebred Pomeranian or American Eskimo. (We do not breed with American Eskimos)

F1b- One parent is a F1 Pomsky. The other parent is a purebred Siberian Husky or Purebred Pomeranian.

F2- Both parents are F1 Pomskies.

F2b- One parent is and F2 Pomsky. The other Parent is a purebred Siberian Husky or Pomeranian.

Multi-generation- A Pomsky with multiple generations of Siberian Huskies, Pomeranian, and/or American Eskimo breeding.

Are Pomskies good family dogs?

In general, yes! Pomskies are very affectionate loving dogs. However,  as with all breeds they need to be treated fairly and trained to be good family members. We strongly encourage your family to attending professional training classes to insure a good start with your new puppy.

How do I get on the waiting list?

Deposit list- To be on the deposit waiting list you must fill out an application and review our contract. Once we have approved the application you can place a $100 deposit by paypal, venmo, or cashiers check. When you are on our deposit list you will get to pick your puppy in the order that deposits were placed. We guarantee you will get a chance to pick a puppy within 8 months. If there isn't a puppy available for you within 8 months I will send your money back or you can remain on my list. This list is limited to a low number of people. 


How do I fill out and application and contract?

Contact me! I like to keep things very personal between myself and potential puppy owners. Call, text, or e-mail me and I will get the adoption application and contract to you. I love talking to people about my dogs. 

How much does one of our Pomsky cost?

Our Pomsky puppies are typically priced between $1500 and $3000. Occasionally we do know of older Pomskies needing new homes and can get you in touch with their owners. 

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