We are now offering official training courses. We only take one to two Pomskies at a time, so space is very limited.



Online Course

This course will be coming soon! It will be included with all puppies.

In the online course, you will be added to a special training group with me, your breeder! Each week you will learn a new skill to teach your puppy. Once you complete this class, your puppy will get their official Pomsky training class certificate.

Baby Puppy Course

This is a two week course for puppies between 8 and 14 weeks old $400

The Baby Puppy Course is only offered to puppies born and raised by Lollipop Pomskies. We do not offer this course to outside puppies because they are not old enough to be fully vaccinated.


Skills taught during this course:


People and Child Socialization

Dog Socialization

Cat Socialization

Crate Training

Potty Training

Good Dog behavior training

Start of basic obedience

Puzzle Games


During this course we use positive reinforcement, food, and natural behaviors to help your puppy get the very best foundation for the rest of their life. Your puppy learns how to properly interact and play with adults, children, dogs of all sizes, and cats. They learn how to happily accept being touched all over and be restrained to assist in grooming and vet appointments. We help each puppy understand which behaviors we appreciate and which behavior we don't (for example, jumping and biting for attention vs. sitting calmly). The puppies get to hear new noises, be introduced to strange situation, and play "puzzle games" to help developing their brains. As with all of our courses, the puppy will work on crate training and potty training. If you are interested in this course, please contact us to set up a phone interview. Each course is modified and specifically designed for each puppy and family.





The Good Dog Course

This is a 4 to 6 week course for puppies 14 weeks old and older

Puppies must be fully vaccinated before attending this course and will live with us during their training. 


Skills taught during this course:


All skills in the baby puppy course

Grooming etiquette

E collar training




Bed or "place"




Leave it



During this course your puppy will continue to be coached on appropriate interactions with people and other pets, crate training, potty training, and confidence building. At this age the puppy/dog gets to venture to new places, meet strangers, and really get their paws out into the world. During their stay with us they will be exercised physically and mentally each day, be professionally groomed every two weeks, and learn to be excellent family members and well as members of society. This course included three training sessions with you to help you learn their command and grow their bond with you before they go home. If you are interested in this course, please contact us to set up a phone interview. Each course is modified and specifically designed for each puppy and family.





Refresher Course

This is a 2 week course for any puppy or dog that has previously completed The Good Dog Course

During this course your puppy or dog will undergo a complete refresher of The Good Dog Course. Your puppy or dog can attend this course multiple times as needed/wanted. This course also includes three one on one training sessions with the owner/family.




Conformation Show Training

We do offer training and handling for the show ring. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.