Haize is our main guy right now. He is an amazing example of the breed. He is small at only 10 pounds and has an amazing coat and calm, confident personality. He is pictured on the American Rare Breed Association's website as the example for the Arctic Spitz (new name for Pomskies). He has won multiple placing on online IPA shows and has won Winners dog out of 26 dogs. He has sired some amazing puppies for us as well.

Gru is our handsome 16 pound little stud muffin. He has a wonderful and confident personality. He is such a sweet boy. He has had some really wonderful puppies with us. 

Shark (short for shark bait)  is our handsome micro/toy boy. He weighs just 8 pounds and has a great personality. He is so fun and the kids are his favorite. We can not wait to meet his babies