Pixie is an exuberant young F1 Pomsky. Her mother is Echo and her father is Duke. She is a gorgeous black and white girl with a thick plush coat. She is an absolute doll. She is very obedient and loves to do trick training. At 17 pound we think she is the perfect size. We are very exited for her future babies.


Like her mother Hoaka, Sparkles doesn't live with us. She lives with a family member. She is a lucky girl who has never had to leave her mothers side. She is a gorgeous sable girl with her piercing blue eyes. She is a tiny firecracker at only 14 pounds.


Skye is a drop dead gorgeous F1 Pomsky. Her mom is Hoaka and her dad is Duke. She is about 23 pounds. She loves to cuddle and loves treats. She talks with her smiles and is so expressive. She loves other dogs as well. She is a very good girl.