Retired. Pixie is an F1 Pomsky. Her mother is Echo and her father is Duke. She is a gorgeous black and white girl with a thick wooly coat. She is an absolute doll. She is very obedient and loves to do trick training. At 17 pound we think she is the perfect size. We are very exited for her future babies.


Retired- Like her mother Hoaka, Sparkles doesn't live with us. She lives with a family member. She is a lucky girl who has never had to leave her mothers side. She is a gorgeous sable girl with her piercing blue eyes. She is a tiny firecracker at only 14 pounds.


Retired- Skye is a drop dead gorgeous F1 Pomsky. Her mom is Hoaka and her dad is Duke. She is about 23 pounds. She loves to cuddle and loves treats. She talks with her smiles and is so expressive. She loves other dogs as well. She is a very good girl.

Pearl is our gorgeous TOY F2 Pomsky. Her mom is Skye and her is Haize. She is a beautiful blue color and has blue eyes. She’s only 10 pounds, but her personality is much larger. She is featured in many of our facebook and instagram videos because of how cooperative and photogenic she is. She is the princess of this house and she makes sure everyone know it.

Sapphire is a gorgeous wooly F3 Pomsky. Like her half sister, Pearl, she is a gorgeous blue color with blue eyes, but she has a Wooly coat. Her mom is Pomsky Northern’s Jasmine and her dad is Haize. Unlike Pearl, she has a much softer and quieter personality. She’d much prefer to lay on your lap that be licking your face and lucky for her she is only 11 pounds so she fits on my lap nicely. She is and International Champion through IABCA and we can’t wait to meet her future babies.

Carmel is a gorgeous F1b girl. She is kind and sensitive. She loves cuddles. She has the most gorgeous coat.

Retired. Cali came from another breeder and is and F3X Pomsky which means she is part Husky, Pom, and American Eskimo. She has a strong, independent and determined personality. She’s 15 pounds with striking blue eyes and a standard coat. She will hopefully have her first litter in the summer of 2021.

Moo is a Daughter of Hoaka and Haize. We were not planning to keep a puppy at that time but she stole our hearts and we just couldn’t part with her. She brings a joy to every situation and to everyone she meets. 

Penelope is a sweet soul who lives in a guardian home. She is kind and loving. Her mom is Moon and her dad is Haize.

Fluffy is just 8 pounds! She is stocky, small and smart. She will be having micro/toy puppies in the future.

She looks serious but she’s actually a huge goof ball with a ton of personality. She keeps us laughing all the time. She is only 7 pounds and will be having toy/micro puppies.